Driven to bring protein-rich yumminess in a QSR format, Shrimply is here with world's finest shrimps in a multitude of flavours from across india. It's an exclusively awesome world for Shrimps where fun,health and yumminess go Shrimply together.

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Infini Foods

Infini Foods comes with proven expertise in all aspects of quality shrimps productions:larvae production ,farming,processing and converting them into ready to eat shrimp products.Over the decades,our teams have mastered each aspect like harvest timing and method,post-harvest preservation,etc.SOPs for hygiene,edhered to.

Founder's Expertise:Each founder brings expertise that creates a powerful impact Aquaculture,hotels,hatcheries,restaurants and brand development_each founder has individually built successfull enterprises,and harnessed experience over decades which is all coming together to create Shrimply.

World-class Processing Infrastructure

Visakhapatnam processing plant,spread over 4 acres

HACCP compliant protocols & mechanisation | Dedicated processing line for value addition in shrimps | IQF & Blast Chillers | Ancillaries like two cold storage each with 300 tonnes capacity | Automated packaging & vacuum sealing

Producing currently at 5 tonnes in two shifts,and expandable to 10 tonnes,we are in the process of setting up processing plants in Hyderabad,Pune and Bengaluru with advanced infrastructures which can cater the international needs.

Technology for crafting the taste:Leading-tech R&D kitchens at the plant enable new recipe creations along with globally renowned chefs.

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Taste that travels fast and far -
Shrimply QSR.

With state-of-the-art outlet kitchen, automated electric cooking, bread station and PASS, Shrimply can serve an amazing array of flavours faster, healthier, yummier. With a fun-filled brand space, taste to hook, and the richness of lean protein, we envision a future of spreading the love for shrimps from beachfronts to the hinterlands.
Looking to create 150 stores across India and worldwide within 3 years, Shrimply is soon starting operations from Hyderabad, Puducherry, and Bangalore.